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Central Heating Installations

We at Montali Energy Services are experts in fitting full gas central heating systems.

We will keep all disruption to your property to a minimum. With a full team of trades people (carpet fitters, joiners, builders etc), we can ensure the correctly skilled person is on hand and working in conjunction with the rest of the team to deliver you a seamless installation.

You can choose to get an entire new gas central heating system fitted which would include, a new boiler, pipework, cylinder, radiators, controls and storage tanks. However, it may not be necessary to replace all of these and we will be able to design a new system in a way where we can tie on to parts of your original system.

Central heating installations made easy

When it comes to central heating installation - whether you're planning to replace your old heating system or install one from scratch, you can have peace of mind that Montali will tailor make your system to suit your needs. We size your rooms to provide design temperatures using our range of radiators from our UK manufactured radiator & towel rails with quality always our first option. We only supply and fit the best components to the highest standards of performance and design, and will not compromise when it comes to safety or quality.

Our range of tailor made central heating installation systems means we have one that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

For instance, with the latest controls that react to temperature changes from room to room, your new central heating system can offer you controllable heating that's smart enough to reduce energy consumption and cut heating bills.

To controlling your heating system via your mobile phone from our Worcester Wave system, we can accommodate everyone’s wishes.

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The Worcester Wave like many heating programmers on the market that can control your boiler from your smart phone.

An additional feature on the Worcester Wave is weather compensation and load control. This takes data from a local weather station near to you to increase the efficiency of the boiler's operation.

What is Weather Comensation?

Weather compensation traditionally involves a temperature sensor on the outside of a property linked to the internal programmer/thermostat. The sensor is able to forewarn the boiler of a change in outside temperature in order for the boiler to reduce or increase it’s output before the internal temperature changes. This leads to less 'cycling' (the boiler coming on and off) and more efficient periods of operation.

How does the Wave work?

The Worcester Wave uses data from the local weather station to inform your heating system of a change in temperature. This is equally accurate and leads to a more straightforward installation with fewer parts to go wrong.

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Where is my nearest Weather Station?

Weather stations are dotted all over Edinburgh, Lothian's & Fife check nearest to you by clicking hyperlink.

So the proximity of the weather station to your property means that accurate local data is sent to the unit and used to improve the efficiency of your heating system.



More about the Worcester Wave:

  • The wave comes with a 7-10 year guarantee when fitted at the same time as a Worcester boiler and Green star magnetic filter.
  • The Wave is simple to install and requires an internet connection.
  • The Wave can be accessed by up to 8 devices.
  • If you lose your device or internet connection it can be access manually.
  • The app can be downloaded for free from i tunes store and Google Play Store.
  • Data is stored on the Wave itself and not held remotely by any third parties.
  • Call to find out more about the Worcester Wave or please fill our contact form and we will get back to you.

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